Cam Karns

  • Mock Webware

Matt Wright and Recruit Productions….so much more than a recruit video producer. Our son was not our first student athlete recruit, and we wish we would’ve known about Matt and his company with our older student athletes.
Recruit Productions took so much time getting to know our son, taking the best footage and creating the best video we could ask for. Far exceeded our expectations. So easy to work with, including many times editing and creating a new or revised video as our son’s high school and club season’s progressed to make sure Cam had the best video to provide college coaches.

In addition to the incredible highlight video, we also were thankful for the creativity we received in the creation of digital college posters of Cam we received we could use to provide to prospective college coaches. So unique and creative. Once Cam’s college decision was made, Matt provided us with a wonderful digital recruitment poster for his announcement. Thank you Matt Wright and Recruit Productions! We definitely received FAR MORE than we paid for!